The Vajra Symbolizes Indestructible Wisdom, Compassion, Equanimity

These are the core values behind our coffee company. We select only the finest organic, specialty-grade, high mountain grown coffee beans. then our profile specific fresh roasting process enhances the concentration of polyphenols and other nutrients as well as the bio-availability of these compounds.

Enhancing Health and Pleasure: Discover the Unique Qualities of Our Specialty Grade Coffee

Specialty grade coffee refers to the highest quality beans and flavor scores within the coffee industry. It's a term used to distinguish exceptional coffees that have unique flavors, aromas, and characteristics, resulting from specific growing conditions, careful cultivation, and meticulous processing.

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Discover the Science of Coffee's Health Benefits

Groundbreaking research from independent scientists around the globe unveils the extraordinary health advantages of coffee—both caffeinated and decaf.

At the heart of coffee's power are its bioactive compounds, notably rich in polyphenols. These natural antioxidants, including lignans, flavonoids, catechins, anthocyanins, and isoflavones, are the key to its health-promoting properties.

Embark on a journey with us as we explore the vibrant world of coffee and its impact on our wellbeing.

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Discover the Pure Essence of Coffee with Swiss Water® Decaffeination Process

At Vajra Coffee, we're dedicated to offering coffee lovers the freedom to enjoy their favorite beverage, decaffeinated without compromise. We've chosen the Swiss Water® Process for its unmatched ability to honor the integrity of our coffee.

What sets the Swiss Water® Process apart is not just its commitment to chemical-free decaffeination but its ability to preserve the coffee's original flavors, bioactive compounds, and aromatic essence. By maintaining the coffee's purity and the sustainability of our supply chain, Swiss Water® stands as the pinnacle of decaffeination excellence—reflecting our dedication to quality, natural processes, and the health of our planet.

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High Mountain Grown

High mountain grown coffee is associated with a higher quality, healthier and more complex flavor profile due to the specific growing conditions at high altitudes which affect the development of the coffee beans. The combination of slower growth, denser beans, unique microclimates and distinct flavor contribute to the superior quality of high mountain coffee.

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