About Us

We are a family owned business located in Monterey California. From Woodstock NY where my parents helped build the first Tibetan Buddhist (Vajrayana) Monastery in North America, to the Green Mountains of Vermont, and finally to California. Our family has always delighted in having the best quality ingredients to create with, which has helped inspire our love of healthy gourmet food.

We used to own a popular whole foods cafe where we served lots of interesting organic coffee and teas. We made connections with organic farms and learned how to find the best sources for our offerings. We have traveled to many of the regions our coffee is sourced from.

We started Vajra Coffee to make available the finest and healthiest organic ethically sourced coffee available. There are many variables that go into growing great coffee; location, farming and drying techniques, altitude and of course the final stage or roasting.

As you go through our website we share lots of information about the coffee beans we offer, brewing techniques, as well as important scientific research into the many health benefits of drinking coffee.

We hope you enjoy the coffee we offer, it is truly the best tasting healthiest coffee beans we have found. We will continue to discover and make available the finest coffee.

May all humanity and all beings be free from suffering and become happy.