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Sustain: Organic Medium-Dark Roast, Single Origin Bali

Sustain: Organic Medium-Dark Roast, Single Origin Bali

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Sustain: Organic Medium-Dark Roast, Single Origin Bali, 100% Specialty Grade, Each Order Freshly Roasted, High Mountain Grown

Resilience and adaptability, perseverance and determination. Sustain is a medium-dark roast, grown in the Kintamani Highlands of Bali Indonesia, nestled in the heart of the island near the active volcano Mount Agung.

Organic, specialty grade, ethically sourced, high mountain grown. Expertly roasted to be rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and hundreds of important health enhancing biologically active compounds. Free of pesticides and chemicals tested for mycotoxins. Always fresh roasted, pure Arabica coffee.

Tasting Notes
Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Nutty with Fruit undertones.

Family owned farms located in the Kintamani highlands on the island province of Bali, Indonesia. Coffee is grown in the mineral rich volcanic soils of Mount Agung along with citrus trees that provide shade.

Bourbon, Typica, Catimor Bourbon

Volcanic Loam, rich in minerals

Hand-picked, wet-hulled, two-step sun drying on raised beds
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