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Awareness: Organic Medium Roast, Single Origin Mexico

Awareness: Organic Medium Roast, Single Origin Mexico

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Awareness: Organic, Medium Roast, Single Origin Mexico, 100% Specialty Grade, Each Order Freshly Roasted, High Mountain Grown

Clarity and openness, mindfulness and insight. Awareness is a medium grown in the lush mountains of Chiapas Mexico on farms run mainly by indigenous producers, the coffee is distinguished by its freshness and balanced flavor, with an intense aroma, and citrus notes; the result of the geographical conditions and humid climate of this region.

Organic, specialty grade, ethically sourced, high mountain grown. Expertly fresh roasted to be rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and hundreds of important health enhancing biologically active compounds. Free of pesticides and chemicals tested for mycotoxins. Always fresh roasted, pure Arabica coffee.

Tasting Notes
Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Green Apple

Grown in Chiapas Mexico in the Sierra Madre mountain range. The Finca Monte Azul Coop is a group of smallholder organic farms in Chiapas. Chiapas is the Southernmost coffee growing region in Mexico. It boasts an ideal climate and altitude to create perfect conditions for a robust and nutrient rich cup of coffee.

Bourbon, Caturra

1,200M - 1,600M
Spring Water Washed and Sun Dried

Mountain soil rich in minerals

Hand-Picked, Fully Washed and Sun Dried
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